Pelvic Floor Fitness Workshop


"I left the session feeling empowered. I now have a better understanding of my body and I know what to do to regain the control and strength I am missing. I also feel armed with resources, so I don't feel alone in it."

Do you pee a little when you run, laugh or sneeze? Wondering what prolapse or diastasis recti is and if you have it? Experiencing pelvic or low back pain? There's a good chance that your pelvic floor (the area of muscle between your tailbone at the back and pubic bone at the front) and deep core muscles aren't functioning properly.

Too often, these issues are thought of as the inevitable consequences of childbirth and aging.  But guess what - there's something you can do about it! 

Join us for a 2 hour, interactive workshop where you’ll learn:

  • If Kegels are right for you, and the proper way to do them
  • How dysfunction in your core and pelvic floor can lead to disorders like incontinence, prolapse, low back pain, pelvic pain, and diastasis recti (ab separation)
  • Simple lifestyle modifications and posture adjustments to improve core and pelvic floor health
  • Stretches and exercises to rehabilitate and strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles
strengthen pelvic floor

You’ll leave this workshop with more body awareness, a better understanding of how to prevent and treat pelvic floor disorders, and a handout, complete with a workout routine that you can do at home. As research continues to evolve, I update this workshop so you have the latest information!

This workshop is ideal for any age or stage of life, but is especially recommended for pre and postnatal women (remember, if you have ever had a baby – even 30 years ago - you still have a "postnatal" body!)

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Payment is required to hold your spot - spaces are limited.  

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